About the game

About the game

Pundit is football’s original trivia game made for fans and other anoraks like ourselves who love to meet up with friends to play, watch, discuss and revisit memories of the game’s most legendary players and iconic moments

What’s it all about?

You play in two teams against each other and try to score as many goals as possible by answering football trivia questions correctly. Just like on the pitch, Pundit players are allowed to tackle, set offside traps, get carded, exert high pressure etc. Gather a group of friends and prepare to revisit found memories of the game’s forgotten heroes, its superstars, club icons, one-hit wonders and even football’s newest startlets.

How to play?

Starting the game

To start the game you divide into two teams and toss a coin! That determines who starts with the Football and who is first to pick a question category. There are multiple difficulty levels, so use it to your team’s advantage whether you go for the easier or harder questions!

Game play

Taking turns, the attacking team is asked questions from one of the chosen question categories. For each correct answer, the ball is passed up the field from one player to the next – whilst the attacking team keeps possession and therefore continues to draw new question cards.

Tactic cards

Game tactics are critical in any football game – and the same goes for Pundit! Teams can gather an arsenal of attacking and defensive tactic cards to influence the game and surprise your opponent to pivot the game. How to win A game of Pundit lasts 45 minutes – that’s it! The team with the most goals scored when the 45 minutes run out, wins! Naturally, the game can end in a tie - but honestly, we have never ended a night without crowning the true Pundits! We just play again.

The full referee course

Get ahead of the curve and download the full set of game rules here

Give us feedback, please

What do you think?

Send us an email with any feedback you have so we can improve the game. Remember, we made this game just as much for you – so we really value your opinion!