Social media marketer intern

Social media marketer intern

Job description

Pundit Games is looking to hire a talented and driven social media marketer intern. We are a fast-growing DTC brand with a need for an original, funny and engaging social media presence.

This internship provides the right candidate with a hands-on chance to pretty much build a social media strategy and identity from scratch. At your disposal you have a premium brand with a highly differentiated product, which has shown to instantly turn first-time customers into super-advocates. You should therefore find it inspiring getting tons of responsibility and be thrilled to have complete creative freedom.

The role will grow into a paid full-time position within the next 6-9 months and thus this internship provides a unique chance to define and design what your own future larger role should encompass.

Job activities

We believe the role includes the following activities (and highly encourage your thoughts on it):

  • Twitter/Instagram/Facebook
    • Grow followers and increase engagement from insignificant levels
    • Define strategy (e.g., focus and investments across platforms, use of ads)
    • Develop recurring processes (e.g., posting frequency, content types)
    • Define and setup KPIs to track performance (e.g., follower growth, engagement)
  • TikTok
    • Setup profile from scratch
    • Grow followership and define engagement strategy (incl. use of ads)


  • Compensation: The role is unpaid with a potential discretionary bonus should we meet our financial targets for 2022.
  • Timing: Ideally immediate start – but can of course be discussed. Duration of the internship is completely flexible, but minimum 2 months
  • Location:K. (remote with occasional in-person work)
  • RSVP: Continuous interviewing. Hit us up on @punditgames or

Brief introduction to Pundit Games

A football board game that let's you revisit your fondest football memories of forgotten heroes, the legends, club icons, one-hit wonders, fringe players and shining new starlets - all in company with your friends!

The draw and ‘magic’ of Pundit is its ability to

  • NOSTALIGIA - Introduces a new engaging way to enjoy and discuss football memories with friends
  • INTENSE COMPETITION - Use your otherwise ‘useless’ knowledge of football acquired throughout life to battle your friends on who knows the most about the sport
  • CONNECT IN PERSON – You must physically be in the same room with other lovers of football. No hiding behind phones or computer screens

The story behind

We love football so much and used to spend hours quizzing each other on old football trivia at work. When a colleague told us to “go play that stupid game somewhere else” we realized such a game needed to be made. Now three years later there are both Danish and English versions available for everyone to enjoy.